Startup PR: How to Get Press to Notice You

Managing a tech publication means having to read hundreds of email pitches every week from startups and the PR folks who represent them. Throughout my career I've read more than 50,000 email pitches come through my inbox (plus avoided the many thousands more) and have learned to pick out the newsworthy from the not-so-newsworthy. While you may think that your email pitch looks great, the journalist you're pitching to likely thinks otherwise. Whether you're a startup founder or manage PR for a startup or other tech company, let me help you distill the right email pitch.

*If none of these plans work for you - don't sweat! Just email me and we'll work together to see how I can help you out with your email pitch. 

Clients have been covered in:

Quick Coach Session


45-Minute Session

During this 45-minute call, we'll go over:

  • Where your startup fits in with the current discussions happening in tech;

  • Unique aspects of your startup to help you formulate a more interesting email pitch;

  • How to create messaging that tech journalists find interesting (what will make them click on your email);

  • Some possible pitch angles for your company; and

  • Recommendations on which publications would be more likely to pick up a story on your company.

Press Release / Email Pitch Review


Comprehensive Email Pitch Review/Rewriting


You'll receive a comprehensive review of your press release or email pitch, including:

  • Recommendations for angle changes or revisions on messaging;

  • Recommendations tone and email subject/release header;

  • Pitch restructuring and extensive rewriting;

  • Comprehensive proofreading; and

  • A 20-minute call to discuss the revisions.

Write My Pitch!


1-Hour Session +

Written Startup PR Email Pitch


Let me take care of the email pitch for you! This package includes:

  • A 45-minute to 1-hour call where we'll go over the details of your startup and we'll do a deep dive into any interesting story points and the kinds of publications you wish to target; and

  • I'll write the entire email pitch for you - with details that will include everything we discussed on our call.


Looking for something else?

Need some help with more than just your email pitch? Get in touch with me and let's figure out some way to collaborate.