Here's a sampling of the words I've written on the Internet.

With nearly four years experience covering the startup world for Tech.Co, most of my writing samples cover tech and business topics. I've hand-selected a few that show different coverage styles. Below, you'll also find samples of branded content written for campaigns with various organizations like HP and Comcast.

Internet Stuff


"At SXSW, Obama Calls for More Civic Engagement in Digital Age"

"Onevest Raises Nearly $2M for Self-Crowding Its Series A"

"Uru Uses Computer Vision to Change the Way Brands Approach Video Advertising"

"I Played Hipster CEO and My Startup Got Acquired for Only $10 Million"

"How Farmigo Is Turning NYC Into a Food Startup Hub"

"Instagram's First Hire Was a Community Manager, and It's Made All the Difference"

"Everything But The House's Recent Funding Is a Testament to the Rise of Cincinnati's Tech Scene"

"38 Black Entrepreneurs Share Their Origin Stories"

"'Startupland' Documentary Launches Globally with Screenings in Over 50 Cities"

"Can Happy Seed Standardize the Way We Build Apps?"

"Self-Taught Teen Programmer Creates New Publishing Platform"

"Will.I.Am, Bill Nye, and a Robot Giraffe: Just a Few Things We Saw at the White House Maker Faire"

"Cards Against Urbanity: Because City Planning Isn't Bullshit"

"SocialRadar Cofounder Kevin Alansky Leaves to Join CircleBack"

"New York's Black Card Startup SELECT Expands to D.C. in 2015"

"41 Startups Share How They Motivate Their Teams"

"How to Use TurboAppeal to Save on Property Taxes"

"Here's Google's Criteria for Startup Acquisitions"

"Tsu Is the Only Social Platform Where You Actually Own and Monetize Your Content"

"70 Startup Women Show Us What They Wear to Work"

"Steve Case-Backed DC Startup Framebridge Is Like Warby Parker for Art Framing"

Op-ed, Analysis

"When We Arrest Kids for Inventing, the Dream of STEM Education in America Is Dead"

"No One Gives a Sh*t About Your Hustle"

"Top 3 Reasons We Need to Improve Diversity in Tech Now"

"Why You Should Read More Books in the New Year"

"What No One Tells You About Depression (But I Will)"

Other Web Content

"The Average Tech Entrepreneur Is 31 and Didn't Study STEM"

"5 Stats That Will Convince You to Startup in DC"

"21 Most Successful Black Entrepreneurs Throughout History"

"A List of Other Things I Want Taylor Swift to Change"

"The 'Star Wars' Trailer Analyzed by Someone Who's Only Seen 'Star Wars' Once"

"18 Best Sites for Finding a Startup Job"

"44 Signs You Know You're a Virginia Cavalier"

"Top Venture-Backed Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Startups"

"The 10 Worst Kinds of Software Developers"

"This Myers-Briggs Personality Type Is Likely to Earn a Higher Income"

"30 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes from Startups"

"Women Founders Outperform Men and 9 Other Industry Insights from First Round Capital"

"16 Free Online Tools to Help You Find Online Content"

Branded Content / Content Marketing