Content Strategy: Have a Plan in Place

This is my dog, Kingsley; sometimes it's nice to publish something a little different from your norm (a nice little surprise). Internet content is my life, which makes my life a dreaded one. Let me help you figure out how to create the right type of content for the Internets (and even help you actually produce that content), so that you don't have to get dragged into this sad, sad Internet life. Figure out what content works for your audience and learn how to create the right distributed content strategy. Content strategy is hard; let me makes things easier. 

*If none of these plans work for you - don't sweat! Just email me and we'll work together to see how I can help you out with your content strategy. 



45-Minute Session

Get valuable insight on content strategy tips to help scale your audience. At the 45-minute consult:

  • We'll go through an overview of your goals for your content - your targeted audience, your metric goals, and your current plan of action (or lack thereof);

  • I'll provide advice on whether you're creating the right kind of content and recommend for you the kind of content that you should be creating or curating per your specific goals; and

  • I'll highlight your organization's/campaign's current shortcomings and point out opportunities you're probably missing out on.

Strategy Overview


1-Hour Session +

Abridged Customized Content Strategy Plan

On top of touching upon the things covered in a consult, we'll do a deeper dive into your current content strategy. At this level:

  • We'll take a current look at your metrics - engagement on your site, newsletter(s), and different social channels - and I'll go through my recommendations on how to improve your strategy;

  • I'll take a more in-depth look at what's going on in your industry/vertical and formulate a 1-2 page, top-level strategy that incorporates: the differentiators that your organization can leverage, the type of content you should be creating (providing you with a few sample posts specific to your site), and where that content should be distributed.

Strategy Plus 


1-Hour Session +

Two 30-Minute Follow-Up Sessions +

Abridged Customized Content Strategy Plan

You'll get everything in the first two packages, plus you'll have two 30-minute follow-up sessions during which I'll check-up on the status of your content strategy (which can be scheduled whenever you desire):

  • We'll look at how my recommended plan of action is working out;

  • I'll help you play around with tactics to help get the most out of the outlined content strategy; and

  • We can discuss any issues that may have come up since implementing my recommended content strategy, and ameliorate some of those issues.

Looking for something a little more long-term or in-depth?

Get in touch with me and let's figure out some way to collaborate.