Hey, I'm Ronald!

And, this is my website. I'm a content strategist, editor, writer, and journalist; I specialize in helping brands and companies launch and develop new and/or rebranded content efforts. This means anything and everything: from recruiting and training writers and editors, to creating and implementing email campaigns and social media strategies. 

When I'm not busy pretending to read back-issues of The Economist from 2010 and rewatching episodes of The IT Crowd or Doctor Who, then I'm probably eating fried chicken or attempting to be a pasta chef. I wake up at 5 AM and rock climb regularly. All of my roommates are French (and I love them). I read a lot of books and read a lot more Internet content. I work a side gig at REI because I know a lot about outdoor gear and love being out in nature. Prior to starting my career, I spent a couple years raising my youngest brother. 

Aside from helping organizations with their content strategy, I mentor startups on growth hacking and how to pitch the tech press. Let's talk. 

A Brief Background

Currently, Iā€™m an editor at Google for Think with Gooogle APAC. Prior to that, I led content and digital for HealthCare.com as its director of content & community. While there, my team designed and launched educational healthcare sites for consumers during the first open enrollment period under the Trump administration. Around the same time, I worked alongside former Time Inc. Books editorial director, Steve Koepp, to launch The Bridge, a Brooklyn-focused online publication. 

I worked as a journalist at Tech.Co for nearly four years, where I eventually found myself leading the editorial division as managing editor during the company's rebranding phase. Prior to that, I worked at Americans for Informed Democracy - now AMP Global Youth - where I focused on building out its overall digital and content strategy (also during a major rebranding phase). Additionally, I've served as lead creative & digital strategist for JP Morgan Chase & Co.; a web analyst position at TIG Global (acquired by Oracle); a humor writer for Groupon; a marketing position at Kaiser Permanente; and taking on other freelance work here and there. I went to the University of Virginia and double-majored in philosophy and government, i.e. I know how to read and I write well (most of the time).

I spend a majority of my time thinking about distributed content (looking into why we share what we share and why we engage with various content) and how to target the right audiences through those various content distribution channels. Looking at and analyzing available data (through tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Chartbeat), I try to put together the right content strategy for long-term audience growth. I work closely with product and design teams to create content experiences positioned for high engagement. Additionally, I spend a lot of my time working on branded content campaigns - brainstorming ideas for content optimized for view count/engagement, as well as producing some of that content. 

My Personal Guideline to Living

I'm constantly trying to improve myself; this is how I try to live my life (as best as I can). 

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