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My Recent Ramblings
  • As BuzzFeed reported earlier this week, a woman got some of the D from her husband every day for an entire year. That’s a little more action than some of us will ever get in an entire lifetime (and probably a little too excessive and not so great on the pipes) but, hey, she managed […]

  • “I just want to be a better me.” “I can’t hang out because I need to go to the gym.” “I don’t even eat mac and cheese anymore…” These are the sorts of bullshit things I say to myself (and others) every now and then. Whether or not such statements are actualized is a completely […]

  • I use military time / 24-hour time on most of my tech gadgetry (not everything allows me to change this feature, hence “most”). My friends or people I meet get confused when they discover this about me, since I have no explicit connection to using the system. Indeed, I don’t live in the parts of […]